Japanese いかんによって grammar ikanniyotte

Japanese いかんによって grammar ikanniyotte
Japanese いかんによって grammar ikanniyotte

Japanese いかんによって grammar ikanniyotte :

JLPT level : N1

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

1. Express the meaning : ” depend on… (some condition)”


tenki no ikan ni yotte, shuppatsu ha okureru koto mo aru
Depend on the weather, departure can be late

Mensetsu no kekka ikan niyotte, seishain ni naru ka dou ka kimerare masu.
Depend on the result of interview, that one can be regular employee or not, will be decided

kare no iken ikan niyotte, kono shakai teki na mondai ga tokareru kamoshirenai.
This social matter may be solved depend on his opinion

+)This struture is similar to struture :「…しだいで」
+)Kanji of いかん is 如何
+)This is very formal way of speaking.

Related structures :

いかんだ ikanda
いかんによって ikanniyotte
いかんによらず/いかんを問わず)/いかんにかからず ikanniyorazu/ ikanwotowazu/ ikannikakarazu

+)Similar in meaning to the structure 「「…しだいで」
+)The chineses character of いかん is 如何
+)is a formal and modern structure.

次第 shidai

above is Japanese いかんによって grammar ikanniyotte. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

You can search the structure you want by using the search tool on our website (using key : grammar + ‘structure name’ or you can find more Japanese grammar structures in the following category : Japanese grammar dictionary

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2 thoughts on “Japanese いかんによって grammar ikanniyotte

  • 27/06/2019 at 8:04 am

    But does いかん mean?
    If you don’t teach what words mean we learners cannot really fully comprehend what we are saying.

    • 27/06/2019 at 9:09 am

      hi Kenb, いかん (何如) when it stays alone, it’s meaning is quite difficult to explain. Some site translate it as based on, but with out で,
      によって… I don’t think it has that meaning. In Japanese it means : どのようであるか – How it (thing) is.


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