Japanese ように grammar youni

Japanese ように grammar youni
Japanese ように grammar youni

Let’s learn Japanese ように grammar youni :

ように grammar

JLPT level : N4

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

1. Purpose In order to, so that, to be able to. The following action is taken in order to (the purpose is to)  make Verb before youni happen or not happen

Wasuremono o shi nai you ni mouichido tashikameru.
To make sure that I don’t forget something, I check it once more.

ryuugaku dekiru you ni mainichi benkyou suru.
Study every day to study abroad (so that I can study abroad).

2. Describe advice .

wasuremono o shi nai you ni mouichido chekku shi te kudasai.
You should check to make sure that you don’t forget something.

chikoku shi nai you ni hayaku okinasai.
You should wake up early to not be late to school.

3. To pray.

shinchou ga nobi masu you ni.
Praying for the height to rise.

ryuugaku deki masu you ni.
Hope that you can study abroad.

4. as, like

彼は 日本人のように日本語をしゃべている
kareha nihonjin no youni nihongo wo shabete iru
He speak Japanese just like Japanese people

watashiga itta youni yatte kudasai
Do as what i said

5. It is likely that, it seems that

kono shatsu ga niau ni naruyou ni omowareru
I think this Shirt seems to go well with you

Note :
When 「ように」 is used to pray or express desire we use Vます+ように

6. Vる/ Vないように いう/ちゅういする B Tell, warn … to do V/ not to do V

sugu sekini modoru youni iwaremashita
I was told to go back to my seat

kareni korekara machigainai youni chuui shimashita
I told (warned) him not to make mistake from now on

This is the way to tell the order/ instruction indirectly. To tell directly we say :



7. Vる/ Vない ようにする youni suru Do your best to, try to do V/ make V not happen

oo ki na koede shabete, minna ga kikoeru youni suru
I speak loudly, so that everyone can hear

amai mono wo tabenai youni shite iru
I try not to eat sweet food

塩の量を減らして、みんなが 食べやすいようにした
shio no ryou wo herashite, minna ga tabeyasui youni shita
I reduce salt amount, so that everyone can eat easily

8. Vる/ Vない ようになる youni naru Become…

やっと 泳げるようになった
yatto oyogeru youni natta
At last, i can swim

chuui sarete, kareha mou okurenai youni natta
Being warned, he now doesn’t go late any more

ref : tuhoconline

This structure is to show a change of the situation, “from unable to “be able”

above is Japanese ように grammar youni. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

You can search the structure you want by using the search tool on our website (using key : grammar + ‘structure name’ or you can find more Japanese grammar structures in the following category : Japanese grammar dictionary

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