Japanese まさか…ないだろう grammar masaka…naidarou

Japanese まさか…ないだろう grammar masaka…naidarou
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Let’s learn Japanese まさか…ないだろう grammar masaka…naidarou:

Formation :

まさか + clause Vないだろう

Meaning and how to use :

Express the denial of something that can’t happen in reality.


Masaka kare ha kondo no koto wo kantan ni yurushinai darou.
Don’t tell me he will forgive this time easily.

Masaka ichido dake atta hito ni shinji nai darouka.
You won’t believe someone you just met once, will you?

Masaka furesshuman no Takahashi san ni juuyou na shigoto wo makasenai darou.
You won’t leave an important work to a freshman like Mr. Takahashi, will you?

Masaka otoutou no youna karemade watashi no himitsu wo morasanai darou.
He who is like a younger brother to me has never revealed my secret.

Masaka kimi made boku ni damasanai darou ka.
It’s impossible that even you would deceive me, is it?

Note: This structure goes with negative forms at the end of the sentence such as 「ないだろう」、「まい」、「はずはない」、「わけがない」、…. The forms such as 「まさか…じゃないだろう/でしょうね」is used to express high suspicion.

Above is Japanese まさか…ないだろう grammar masaka…naidarou. If you don’t understand the signs we used in formation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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