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Japanese ばあいもある grammar baaimoaruJapanese ばあいもある grammar baaimoaru width=

Let’s learn Japanese ばあいもある grammar baaimoaru :

Formation :

V-in plain form +ばあいもある

Meaning and how to use :

Describe the meaning “a situation/an event might happen”. It is often translated as “there are cases…”


Keiki no joukyo uniyoruto kaisha ga touchaku suru baai mo aru.
Based on the economic situation, the company may go bankrupt.

Seikou ritsu ga hobo 100 pa-sento desu. shikashi, shippai suru baai mo aru.
The success rate is almost 100 percent. But sometimes it fails.

Shujutsu nara naoseru kanou ga aru. demo, shippaishite hanshinfuzui ni naru baai mo aru.
Surgery can cure it. However, there are cases in which it fails and you will be paralyzed on one side.

Kono teian wo saigo made yaranakyanaranai. Shikashi, tochuu de yametara kubi ni naru baai mo aru.
I have to do this project to the end. However, if I stop in the middle, I may be fired.

Igai no baai mo aru.
There are also unexpected circumstances.

Note: This structure can be used in two meanings:
+) In general, it will be fine, but there are also unexpected circumstances, so we use this structure to notify about that.
+) Something that might happen and we use this structure to give a contrast case as an example.

Above is Japanese ばあいもある grammar baaimoaru. If you don’t understand the signs we used in formation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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