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How to check jlpt results december 2020

How to check Jlpt results december 2020

How to check jlpt results december 2020 online. Hi everybody, there are now result of the Japaneses-language proficiency test JLPT, so today Learn japanese online  will direct you to check your result online. If you are using phone, you have to use Google Chrome, some browsers don’t support Flash, so you can’t check the result online

You can check jlpt results december 2020 from 10a.m (Japan time) 25/1/2021

How to check jlpt results december 2020 online


Go to (If this link doesn’t work, you can move directly to the link in step 3) then click 試験結果発表(しけんけっかはっぴょう)the red circle :

Cách tra Kết quả thi năng lực tiếng nhật jlpt 7 2017

Step 2 :

Choose the nation you register for an exam. If the nation is other than Japan, China, Taiwan, Macau, Korea,  you choose その他の国(そのたのくに – other country – the red circle) (If if want to register through internet in Japan, choose 日本 – Japan. Then you log in, the click 受験結果 and click the buton to show result. For a more detail result, choose 詳細).

Cách tra Kết quả thi năng lực tiếng nhật jlpt 7 2017

Step 3:

There will be a new tab and you need to scoll down and click 試験結果を見る(しけんけっかをみる check the result of the exam – See your results. Fast link for who do the test in other countries : Check the result . The site might be overloaded as a result of the extremely high quantity of account logging in. Press F5 to reload ;). JP server is also not so strong, it dies when there is a too high network traffic :P. Let’s see some tricks downward when looking up result on internet 🙂

Step 4 :

Fill the blank space below with your examinee responding number (受験番号 じゅうけんばんごう), you can find it on your test voucher

Enter the number after the letters only, ex 18A1234567 we only enter 1234567) and your password (the password is the one you wrote in your JLPT application form, you have to remember this password to log in and check your result)

After press Login, the result will be displayed.

Trick recommended when your internet is slow :

Click on this link : . Replace the number after id1=1234567 with your index number (after letter and before -). At id2=12345, replace 12345 with your index number. At password space=123456, replace 123456 with your signed up password. Then press F5 until you make it 😀

If you register at Japan you can log in with your account. If not, they will send you the result after 4-7 days since the result is announced.

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Above is content of the post How to check your jlpt december 2020 result online. Hope that you can see your result easily. Congrats you passed the examination. If you didn’t, don’t be too sad, just try your best and I believe that you can do it next time. Good luck! 😉

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7 thoughts on “How to check Jlpt results december 2020 – How to check online

  • What is the mark ? I got the registration

    • Learn Japanese daily

      it’s still too early for the mark. the mark will normally be announced a month later after the exam

  • Look forward to it.Please send it to my email. Many thanks.

    • Learn Japanese daily

      i don’t understand what you say. What do you mean ‘what is the mark?

  • I submitted a bunch of questions for JLPT and received a test registration. Is there a mark?Now Jlpt is sending me an email requesting for a meeting.

    • Learn Japanese daily

      maybe you took mock test and they send you mark of that test. JLPT Test on Dec will be announced about one month later

  • Look forward to the mark. I received the elementary C-E of Japanese. I will take another level of Japanese.


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