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How to say die in Japanese

People were born and then they will die. It is the unchanging law of creation. The concepts of death in each country or culture are different. In this post, Learn Japanese Daily will introduce to you the lesson: How to say die in Japanese.

How to say die in Japanese

How to say die in Japanese

他界(たかい): death, the next world

臨終(りんじゅう): deathbed, dying hour

逝去(せいきょ): death

昇天(しょうてん): ascension (into heaven)

永眠(えいみん): eternal sleep

物故(ぶっこ): death (of a person)

逝く(いく): to die, to pass away

亡くなる(なくなる): to die

世(よ)を去る(さる): to depart this life, to go out of the world

鬼籍(きせき)に入る(いる): to be numbered among the dead

あの世(あのよ)に行く(いく): to go to heaven

冥土(めいど)へ旅立つ(たびだつ): to begin a trip to the underworld

不帰の客(ふきのきゃく): deceased person

How to say die in Japanese according to Buddhism

往生(おうじょう): passing on to the next life

成仏(じょうぶつ): becoming a Buddha

入滅(にゅうめつ): entering Nirvana

入寂(にゅうじゃく): nirvana, death of a priest

遷化(せんげ): death (of a high priest)

How to talk about death in Japanese according to Catholicism

帰天(きてん): death of a Christian

召天(しょうてん): death (of a Christian)

How to talk about death in Japanese for high status people

身罷る(みまかる): to pass away

お隠れ(おかくれ)になる: to decease, to pass away

皇族(こうぞく)や三位(さんみ)以上(いじょう)の公家(くげ)の死(し) – The death of people of the royal family or high status people :

薨去(こうきょ):  death (esp. nobleman, aristocrat), demise

天皇や皇帝の死 – The death of the emperor :

崩御(ほうぎょ): death (of an emperor), demise

登霞(とうか): imperial death

Other ways to say die in Japanese :

目(め)を覚まさ(さまさ)ない: will not wake up

三途の川(さんずのかわ)を渡る(わたる): to cross the Styx

死神(しにがみ)が連れ去る(つれさる): The god of death takes someone away

○○が最後(さいご)となる: to be the last

魂(たましい)が肉体(にくたい)から離れる(はなれる): The soul is seperated from the body

心臓(しんぞう)の鼓動(こどう)が止まる(とまる): The heartbeat stops

死者(ししゃ)の列(れつ)に加わる(くわわる): to be added to line of the dead person

亡き(なき)数(かず)に入る(はいる): be numbered among the dead

夭逝(ようせい)/夭折(ようせつ)/早世(そうせい)する: premature death, dying young

病魔(びょうま)との闘い(たたかい)に敗れる(やぶれる): to lose for a fight with the illness

天(てん)(あの世(あのよ))からの迎え(むかえ)が来る(くる): to be summoned to the other world

この世(このよ)から解放(かいほう)される: to be liberated from the world

棺桶(かんおけ)/墓(はか)に入る(はいる): to enter the coffin / the grave

屍(かばね)をさらす: to die on the battlefield

先立つ(さきだつ): to die before (esp. one’s spouse, parents, etc.)

幽明(ゆうめい)境(さかい)を異(い)にする: to pass away

黄泉(こうせん)の客(きゃく)となる: to become a guest of the Hades

横死(おうし): violent death

絶命(ぜつめい) : end of life / 落命(らくめい) : losing one’s life / 命を落とす(いのちをおとす) : to lose one’s life / 命(いのち)を失う(うしなう) : to lose one’s life / 命(いのち)の火(ひ)が消える(きえる) : Fire of the life goes out

絶息(ぜっそく) : dying, death / 息(いき)を引き取る(ひきとる) : to breathe one’s last/ 呼吸(こきゅう)が止まる(とまる) : breathing stops / 事切れる(こときれる): to expire, to die

卒去(しゅっきょ) : death (of a noble, etc.)、死去(しきょ) : death、死亡(しぼう) : death、死没(しぼつ) : death、頓死(とんし) : sudden death、急死(きゅうし) : sudden death、急逝(きゅうせい) : sudden death、永逝(えいせい) : dying、長逝(ちょうせい) : death, passing、物故(ぶっこ) : death (of a person)

斃れる(たおれる): to die, to be killed

お陀仏(おだぶつ): ruining oneself

薨ずる(こうずる)/瞑(めい)する/瞑目(めいもく)/冷たくなる(つめたくなる): to close one’s eyes, to die peacefully, to be cold in death

空(そら)の星(ほし)になる: to become a star in the sky (there is another way to say : to become the wind)

Above is: How to say die in Japanese. We hope this post help you know more about the Japanese concepts. Learn other Japanese vocabulary at category: Japanese words by theme

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