Compare 続ける tsuzukeru and 通す toosu

Compare 続ける tsuzukeru and 通す toosu

Hello everyone! Suppose there is a situation like this: You work overtime continuously, which expression will you choose to express that idea,(残業し)続ける or 通す? To help you understand the usage of 続ける and 通す better, in this post, Learn Japanese Daily will introduce to you the lesson: Compare 続ける tsuzukeru and 通す toosu.

Compare 続ける tsuzukeru and 通す toosu


Both grammar structures mean “to do something continuously”.

Both of them are used with Vます(remove ます)


続ける tsuzukeru

続ける means “from the beginning of doing an action, you keep doing it without stopping”. It emphasizes the idea “not stopping” of the action.

続ける is also used with verbs (non-volitional verbs).

Example :

Kono jaguchi wo hineri tsudukeru to, mizu ga dasu.
When you keep twisting this faucet, water will come out. (Water will keep flowing without stopping)

Konna ni nezuni hataraki tsudukeru to, tsukare hatete te shinu kamoshirenai.
If you keep working without sleeping so much, you may be exhausted and die.

Ano ko ha nanjikan mo ge-mu wo shitsudukete iru yo.
That child has been playing game for several hours.

通す toosu

通す means “to keep doing something until it is finished”. It emphasizes the idea “to do something to the end” of the action.

通す can’t be used with intransitive verbs.

When being used with a noun, it becomes「Nどおし」

Example :

Konna baai ni nattara doryoku shitsuduke tooshimasu.
It already got this point, I’ll try my best to the end. (Keep trying for as long as possible without stopping)

Shachou ga makaseta shigoto wo yari toosu beki da.
The work left by the manager should be done.

Shitsuren shite ichinichi naki tooshite me ga akaku narimashita.
I’m heartbroken and I cried all day so my eyes turned red.

Exerxise for consolidating knowledge  :

Choose the correct answer


Right answer
昨日の晩、この小説を読み続けて今ちょっと眠いです。: Last night, I kept reading this novel, so I’m a bit sleepy now. (This is a non-stop action, do not know whether it is over or not)


Right answer
騙したら騙し通すと決めます。 :  If I cheat, I will be determined to cheat to the end (to do something to the end)


Right answer
父は20年前にもらったパソコンを今使い続けます。: My father continues to use the computer which he got 20 years ago (The action continues to the present and it hasn’t been over yet)


Right answer
息子はゲームをスタートしたら徹夜でやり通します。: If my son starts to play game, he will stay up all night and play game to the end (to do something to the end)


Right answer
この都市は大好きですから、卒業した後、住み続けます。: I love this city so much, so I will continue to live here after I graduate (The action continues to the present and it hasn’t been over yet)


Right answer
秘密を述べられると守り通します。 : If I am told a secret, I will keep it to the end (to do something to the end)

In this post, Learn Japanese Daily has helped you compare 続ける tsuzukeru and 通す toosu.

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