Compare ていく teiku and て帰る tekaeru

Compare ていく teiku and て帰る tekaeru

Hi everyone! Suppose there is a situation like this: You want to send a letter, which expression will you choose to express that idea,(送って)いく or かえる? To help you understand the usage of ていく and て帰る better, in this post, Learn Japanese Daily will introduce to you the lesson: Compare ていく teiku and て帰る tekaeru.

Compare ていく teiku and て帰る tekaeru


Both grammar structures mean “after doing something…”.


ていく teiku

ていく means “after doing an action, the subject/object leaves the place where that action was done and doesn’t come back”

Example :

Ashita tegami wo haha ni okutte iku.
I will send a letter to my mom tomorrow. (The letter will not go back to the speaker’s place)

Okurenai you ni hashitte ikimashou.
In order not to be late, let’s run.

Kono pa-ti- de iroiro na hito ni atte itta.
I met many people at this party.

て帰る tekaeru

て帰る means “after doing an action, the subject/object return to the original location (such as home, school, etc.)”

Example :

Inu wo sanpo ni tsurete kaetta.
I took my dog for a walk. (After taking my dog for a walk, I return to the original location)

A : “Kono hon wo zenbu motte kaette. Watashi mo mou tsukawanai kara ne.”
B : “Arigatou gozaimasu.”
A : “Take all these books home. Because I don’t use them anymore.”
B : “Thank you.”

Kinou atarashii kuruma wo katte kaetta.
I bought a new car yesterday.

Note :

1) In case of doing something at the place where the speaker is standing or a nearby place, we can use either て帰る or ていく.

Example :

A「ちょっとあそこのショップに寄っていかない?」= (寄って帰らない?)
B「いいね。服を買っていこう。」= (服を買って帰ろう)
A : ” Chotto asoko no shoppu ni yotte ikanai?” = (yotte kaeranai?)
B : “Iine. fuku wo katte ikou.” = (fuku wo katte kaerou).
A : “Why don’t we visit the shop over there for a bit?”
B : “How nice. Let’s buy clothes.”

The action is done at the place where the speaker is standing, so we can use て帰る or ていく.

2) On the contrary, if you want to emphasize on returning or doing something after returning, we can’t use ていく.

Exercise for consolidating knowledge :

Choose the correct answer


Right answer
帰国して会社を作っていきたいと思います。: I want to start a company after returning to my country (to start a company is not a recurring action)


Right answer
今日は母が出張して料理を作ってくれないので外で食べて帰った。 : Because my mom went on a business trip today and she didn’t cook, I ate outside. (After eating, I went home)


Right answer
努力すれば、日本語の能力も上がっていきます : If you make an effort, your Japanese level will improve. (Your Japanese level will improve and won’t return to the original level, so we can’t use かえります)


Right answer
午後大学時代の友達に会って帰る。: I will meet my college friends in the afternoon (After meeting them, I will return)


Right answer
鳥は空を飛んでいきました。 : The birds flew in the sky (the birds won’t return to the original place)


Right answer
原料を買いたいので、近くのスーパーに歩いて帰る。 : I want to buy some ingredients, so I walk to a nearby supermarket (After going to the supermarket to buying raw materials, I will return)

In this post, Learn Japanese Daily has helped you compare ていく teiku and て帰る tekaeru.

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