Compare 込む komu and 上げる ageru

Compare 込む komu and 上げる ageru

Hello everyone! Suppose there is a situation like this: You have finished cooking, which expression will you choose to express that idea,(料理を作り)込む or 上げる? To help you understand the usage of 込む and 上げる better, in this post, Learn Japanese Daily will introduce to you the lesson: Compare 込む komu and 上げる ageru.

Compare 込む komu and 上げる ageru


Both grammar structures mean “completing an action”.

Both structures are used with Vます(remove ます).


込む komu

込む means “do something many times in a row (repeated action)”.

In addition, 込む also means “completing an action / continuing a state”.

Example :

That person wrote the article and didn’t notice that the sky got dark.

That child has found the answer to the problem he/she was thinking about, but he/she didn’t tell it.

I have told the children that old tale many times and this made them bored.

上げる ageru

上げる means “Being forced to complete an action”

In case of using the form「Vあがる」, it means “the action has been completed”

Example :

That is a report that has been compiled by seniors. You can refer to it.

A: “Where are the documents that have been finished?”
B: “They are on the table.”

I have cooked rice.

Exercise for consolidating knowledge :

Choose the correct answer :


Right answer
太郎くんは昨日徹夜なので、現在午後なのに寝込んでいる。: Taro stayed up all night yesterday, so he is still sleeping now even though it’s afternoon (The action is continued) [/spoiler]


Right answer
今晩のパーティーのケーキを作り上げました。: I have made a cake for tonight’s party (The action has been completed) [/spoiler]


Right answer
姉は明日デートなので服を試し込んでいる。: My sister will go on a date tomorrow, so she has tried on clothes many times (Repeated action) [/spoiler]


Right answer
子供がばらばらに混乱した部屋を片付き上げました。: I have cleaned the room messed up by the children (The action has been completed). [/spoiler]


Right answer
息子は毎晩寝る前に、何度も歯を磨き込んでいます。: My son brushes his teeth many times before going to bed every night (Repeated action) [/spoiler]


Right answer
防犯政策を練り上げました。: I have developed a crime prevention policy (The action has been completed). [/spoiler]

In this post, Learn Japanese Daily has helped you compare 込む komu and 上げる ageru.

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