100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime

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100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime part 7

100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime

100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime part 7

61. お早う(おはよう)ohayou – Good morning. A common greeting, used in the morning until 11 am – 12 pm

62. 怒る(おこる)okoru – Mad: mou okottayo I’m mad. okotteruno: Are you mad? Are you mad at me?

63. お願い(おねがい)onegai – Is a short form ofonegai shimasu means “Please”, or used to beg for something. For examplem, onegaidakara: I beg you (help me), I’ve already begged, please help me.

64. 鬼(おに)oni – Ghost, devil, monster. This word is used often in horror movies, or to describe someone who is so evil, merciless. However, in traditional Japanese stories, there are good and bad ghosts. omae hontoni onidana – you are a devil.

65. 了解(りょうかい) Ryoukai! – Understand. Used when you receive an order from your supervisors. Sometimes we see the word “Roger!”. These 2 word have the same meaning: Yes, sir/ma’am.

66. さあ Saa – An exclamation. Ah, uhm, huh… orenokoto kirai? (Do you hate me?) -> saana : Huh, god knows.

67. さすが sasuga – Truly, no wonder. Used to compliment someone when they do something extraordinary, not every one can do.

68. 先輩(せんぱい)sempai – Senior. Used to refer to someone who is more experienced than you in a particular field.

69. しかし shikashi – However. Used to express an opposite opinion with the aforementioned one.

70. 仕方がない shikata ga nai – There is no other way. shikagaganai, ore tetsudauka. There is no other way. Let me help you.


100 common Japanese phrases in manga anime part 8

71. 信じる(しんじる)shinjiru – Believe in someone or something. For example.

信じてください shinjite kudasai.Meaning: Trust me.

信じられるか あいつ?shinjirareru ka aitsu. Meaning: Is he trustworthy? How can you trust him?

72. 死ぬ(しぬ)shinu – To die, normally use 死ね shine : to die, もう しんだのか? mou shindanoka : Dead already?

73. すこい sukoi – self-opinionated, ruthless …similar to: ずるい (bad personality).

74. 凄い(すごい)sugoi – Super, extraordinary, phenomenal! is one of 3 words normally used with “su”, suteki and subarashii are the other 2 words. They have similar meanings, to describe something wonderful and extraordinary.

75. 好き(すき)suki – To like: means having feelings for someone of the opposite sex. “Suki da.” means “I really like you”. Of course you can use it for things or pets too, such as dogs, cats, reading books, some foods.

76. する suru – Do: For example  “Dou shiyou?,” means “OMG! What do I do now”.

77. 大変(たいへん)taihen – Extremely, used to describe something extremely horrid:  taihenda: It’s dangerous. taihenna koto ni narimashita: It has become horrid. 大変(たいへん)taihen can be used as an auxiliary verb to emphasize: Very.

78. 助ける(たすける)tasukeru – To save, help: for example, “Tasukete kure!” means “Help me !”

79. 戦う(たたかう)tatakau – To fight. 敵と戦い続いていた。tekito tatakai tsuzuiteita : They have been fighting.

80. 敵(てき)teki – Enemy,  foe… あいつらは 俺たちの 敵に なりました (aitsuraha oretachino tekini narimashita)。 They have become our enemy, foe.

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