Why Doraemon worrying – Doraemon jokes story

Why Doraemon worrying ? Doraemon jokes storyWhy Doraemon worrying

Why Doraemon worrying ? Doraemon jokes story. To continue Funny Doraemon Jokes category. In this post, Learn Japanese daily would like to invite you to see another Funny Doraemon Jokes : Why Doraemon worrying ? The story occur when doraemon had his notebook stolen.

Why Doraemon worrying ? in Japanese

Nobita : 何でそんな寂しい顔をしているの

Doraemon : パソコンを 盗まれちゃったの

Nobita : お母さんに叱れると心配するの

Doraemon :  いや、その泥棒はアダプタがないから使えないと心配するの

in Romaji :

Nobita : nande sonna sabishii kaowo shiteiruno

Doraemon : pasokonwo nusumarechattano

Nobita : okaasanni shikareruto shinpaisuruno

Doraemon :  iya, sono doroboha adaputaga naikara tsukaenai to shinpaisuruno.

Translation into English :

Nobita : Why are you so sad? (why do you have such a sad face?)

Doraemon : My personal computer was stolen.

Nobita : are you being afraid of being scolded by mother?

Doraemon : No, i am worrying that without the adapter, the thieft can’t use the PC.

Vocabulary :

何で nande : why そんな like that 寂しい sabisshii : sad 顔 kao : face

パソコン PC, notebook. 盗まれちゃったnusumarechatta : was stolen

お母さん okaasan : mother. 叱れる  shikareru : scolded 心配 shinpai : worry

いや iya, no, not 泥棒 dorobo : thief  アダプタ adaputa : adapter 使えない tsukaenai : can’t use

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