N2 listening practice lesson 27

N2 listening practice lesson 27

Hello everyone ! In this series, Learn Japanese daily will introduce to you the N2 listening exercises, with the aim of supporting  who are studying N2 exam to listen better and get better grades in the N2 listening section. Let’s start with the lesson: practice N2 listening lesson 27

N2 listening practice lesson 27

How to practice listening

First, listen and do exercise. After listening and choosing the answer, you can read the translation and the instruction below for reference.

In addition, you can apply the way of taking this listening test for similar types of exercises.

N2 listening practice lesson 27

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N2 listening practice lesson 27 – Tapescript:


女: ねえ、これから、カラオケに行かない?

男: カラオケ?うーん、今日は、ちょっと…。このところ疲れているから…。

女: 何言ってんのよ。元気そうじゃない。なんかカラオケって言うと、忙しいからとか、風引いたからとか、この頃、いつも逃げるわね。もしかしたら、カラオケ、嫌いなんじゃない?

男: ううん、そんなことないよ。君ほどうまくないけど、歌うの、好きだし、本当は行きたいんだ。実はね、このところいろいろなもの買わなくちゃいけなくて…冷蔵庫も洗濯機も壊れちゃうし…。

女: あー、そういうことなのね。






Vocabulary :

壊れる(こわれる) : to be broken, to break

Translation for Reference :

A man and a woman are talking. What is the real reason why the man does not want to go to karaoke?

Woman : Hey, why don’t we go to karaoke now?

Man : Karaoke? Hmm… Today is a little… Because I’m tired…

Woman : What are you talking about? You look fine. Speaking of karaoke, you always get away saying you were busy or you had a cold. Do you hate going to karaoke?

Man : No, that’s not true. Although I don’t sing as well as you do, I still like singing and really want to go. The truth is, I have to buy a lot of things lately… Both the fridge and the washing machine are broken…

Woman : Oh, so that’s why.

What is the real reason why the man does not want to go to karaoke?

1.Because he is not good at singing

2.Because he is not feeling well

3.Because he is short of money

4.Because he is busy

Instruction to practice:

Exercise format:  Listen and find the main idea

In order to understand and do this form of exercise effectively, you can apply the following steps:

1. Catch the topic and the question :

You need to read carefully the topic and the question, and focus on the main question: 男の人がカラオケに行きたくない本当の理由は何ですか。(What is the real reason why the man does not want to go to karaoke?). So the conversation is about the karaoke, and there will be many reasons given, but you need to find the main reason.

2. Find the keywords.

In this form of exercise, there are often a lot of sentences that trick you to choose the wrong answer. The right answer is often at the last sentences of  the conversation. Therefore, you need to find the key words: このところ疲れているから (Because I’m tired), そんなことないよ (That’s not true), 実はね (Actually…), and the man also said that he had to buy a lot of things -> So he doesn’t have money to go to karaoke.

So we choose answer 3.お金が悪いから

Above is the content of N2 listening practice lesson 27. Hope you can improve your listening ability effectively. See more similar N2 listening practices at category : N2 Listening practice.

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