Japanese ばよかった grammar bayokatta

Japanese ばよかった grammar bayokatta
Japanese ばよかった grammar bayokatta

Let’s learn Japanese ばよかった grammar bayokatta :

JLPT level : N3

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

1.Describe regret not doing something or about something that did not happen in the past.

For example

その日 外に出なければよかった。
Sono hi soto ni de nakere ba yokatta.
It would have been far better If I hadn’t gone out on that day.

昨日の夜 ご飯を食べなければよかった。
kinou no yoru gohan o tabe nakere ba yokatta.
If we had not had meal lastnight, it’d have been good.

kanojo to wakare nakere ba yokatta.
Breaking up with her seems better.

昨日 薬を飲めばよかった。
kinou kusuri o nome ba yokatta.
It could have been good if I had taken medicine yesterday.

nihongo o benkyou sure ba yokatta.
Learning Japanese seems better.

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