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Japanese について grammar nitsuite
Japanese について grammar nitsuite

Let’s learn Japanese について grammar nitsuite :

Japanese について grammar nitsuite

JLPT level : N3, N2

Formation :

N + について
N + quantity + について

Meaning and how to use :

1.Describe a mentioned topic. usually means “about..”

for example

Kono hon no naiyou nitsuite repōto o kaka nakere ba nara nai.
I have to write a report about this book

nyuugaku tetsuduki nitsuite kiki tai koto ga aru.
I have a question about university admission process

Kanojo no kazoku nitsuite motto shiri tai
I want to know more about her family

Kono sakuhin nitsuite no kansou o hanashi te i ta dake mase n ka
Can you tell me your feeling about this book?

sono shigoto nitsuite yoku kangaenaoshinasai
Let’s reconsider about that job

When we want to discribe more about N, we can use N1についてのN2 as in example 4 : この作品についての感想 : feeling/thinking about this book. Or 将来についての夢 : dream about the future

2.For each

kono chihou ha tsuchi ga hiroku te, ichi kiro mēto nitsuite ie ga ari masu.
This region is very large, each kilometre, there is one house.

korekara, watashi tachi no kurasu ha 10 chīmu ni watte, 4 nin nitsuite 1 chīmu desu.
now, we’ll be divided in to 10 teams, each team has 4 members

koutsuu ihan no toki, 1 nin nitsuite 5000 en o atae ra se masu.
Each person breaking a traffic laws has to pay 5000 yen.

This meaning of nitsuite is similar to にたいして.


1. についても and については are the way of emphasizing について, the meaning isn’t changed
2. につきまして is formal form について

Related structures :

につき nitsuki,ni tsuki
についての nitsuiteno, ni tsuiteno

Ref : tuhoconline

above is Japanese について grammar nitsuite. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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