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Japanese で有名 grammar deyuumei
Japanese で有名 grammar deyuumei

Let’s learn Japanese で有名 grammar deyuumei :

JLPT level : N3

Formation :

Nは+thing, event+で有名だ、有名で
Nは+thing, event+ので有名だ。

Meaning and how to use :

1.Describe an object , an event , a person ,…that is famous in some field.

For example

Watashi no machi ha natsu no o matsuri de yuumei da.
My city is famous for its summer festival.

uchi no chikaku no hoteru ha bifuteki ga takai node yuumei da.
The hotel near by my house is famouse for its expensive beefsteak.

桜公園は桜がきれいで 有名だ。
sakura kouen ha sakura ga kirei de yuumei da.
Cherry blossom in Sakura park is famous with its beauty.

nippon ha okinawa no tenki ga ichiban kirei de yuumei da.
In Japan, Okinawa is famous for being the most beatiful weather.

wanpīsu ha anime de yuumei da.
One Piece is famous for its animation .

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