Japanese もっぱら grammar moppara

Japanese もっぱら grammar mopparaJapanese もっぱら grammar moppara width=

Let’s learn Japanese もっぱら grammar moppara :

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Expressing the meaning of “almost all …”.


watakushi ha moppara romansu no eiga wo mi te i masu
I only watch romance movies./ I mostly watch romance movies.

ano hito ha moppara sakka nitsuite hanashi masu ne
He mostly talks about football./ He talks exclusively about football.

kimi ha moppara suugaku wo benkyou shi masu ne
You mostly learn math./ You study math exclusively.

moppara orenji jusu wo nomi masu
I only drink orange juice./ Mostly I just drink orange juice.

moppara anime dake ni kyoumi ga motu te i masu
I am mostly interested in cartoons./ I am only interested in anime.

Written above is Japanese もっぱら grammar moppara. In case you don’t understand the signs we used in formation mentioned above, you can find out their meanings in this post: signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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