Japanese の のと grammar no noto

Japanese の のと grammar no noto
Japanese の のと grammar no noto

Let’s learn Japanese の のと grammar no noto :

Japanese の のと grammar no noto

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

To criticize by listing things in the same kind.
For example

1. 先生は成績が悪いのよく欠席するのと私を叱る。
sensei ha seiseki ga warui no yoku kesseki suru no to watakushi wo shikaru
My teacher has scolded me for bad grades, frequent absence.

2. あの人は最近お金がないのお金を持たないのと理由で私にお金を貸してくれない。
ano hito ha saikin okane ga nai no okane wo mota nai no to riyuu de watakushi ni okane wo kashi te kure nai
He doesn’t lend me money with reasons like he doesn’t have any money or doesn’t bring it.

3. 彼女は今忙しいの前に予約があるのと私の誘いを断った。
kanojo ha ima isogashii no zen ni yoyaku ga aru no to watakushi no sasoi wo kotowatu ta
She refused my invitation by saying that she was busy and had an appointment.

4. あの子は8歳なのに遅刻するとバスが来ないの交通事故があるのとうそを作りました。
ano shi ha sai na noni chikoku suru to basu ga ko nai no koutsuu jiko ga aru no to uso wo tsukuri mashi ta
That child is only eight, but whenever he is late for class, he tells a lie that the bus didn’t come or there was a traffic accident.

5. あのやつは時間がないの都合が悪いのと私に会わないことにしました。
ano yatsu ha jikan ga nai no tsugou ga warui no to watakushi ni awa nai koto ni shi mashi ta
He decided not to meet me with reasons that he didn’t have time or it was convinient.

Ref : tuhoconline

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