Japanese …のは…ゆえである grammar …noha…yuedearu

Japanese …のは…ゆえである grammar …noha…yuedearuJapanese ...のは...ゆえである grammar ...noha...yuedearu width=

Let’s learn Japanese …のは…ゆえである grammar …noha…yuedearu :

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Expressing the meaning “dare to do this in the current difficult situation because …”.


Kanojo wa keisatsu ni tsukamatta. Shikashi, tasuketa no wa shiriai yuedearu.
She was arrested by the police. However, I helped her because she was an acquaintance.

Watashi wo tasuketa ano hito wa satsujinda. Demo, kare no tsumi wo kakushita no wa ongaeshi yuedearu.
The person who helped me as a murderer. However, I concealed his guilt because of repayment of his kindness.

Kono mono wa nani mo yakunitatanai. Daga, katta no wa yasusa yuedearu.
This item is useless. However, I still bought it because it was cheap.

Sore wa warui to shitte irukedo, sono shigoto wo suru no wa okane ga hoshii koto yuedearu.
I know it’s bad, but I do it because I need money.

Kodomo o shikatta no wa kodomo kawaisa yuedearu.
I scold children because of my love for them.

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above is Japanese …のは…ゆえである grammar …noha…yuedearu. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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