Japanese ただし grammar tadashi

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Let’s learn Japanese ただし grammar tadashi :

Japanese ただし grammar tadashi

Formation :

Meaning and how to use :

Describing the exception or details which need noting regarding the previously mentioned things.


Sanka hi wa muryoudesu. Tadashi, shokuryou wa kakuji de youi shite kudasai.
The participation fee is free. However, please prepare your own food.

Shiken no tame ni juu peiji kara go juu peiji made benkyou shite kudasai. Tadashi, juu go peiji wa benkyou shinakute mo iidesu.
Learn from page 10 to page 50 for the exam. However, don’t need to learn page 15.

Zehi kimasu yo. Tadashi, chotto chikoku shimasu.
Please come by all means. However I will be a bit late.

Kono shouhin wa baagen de go waribiki ni narimasu. Tadashi, zeikin wa oyobimasen.
This item is 50% discount. However it does not include taxes.

Atarashii kotoba wo zenbu oboete kudasai. Tadashi, kono kotoba wa oboenakute mo ii yo.
Learn all new words by heart. However, this word does not need to be remembered.

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