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Japanese ずじまいだ grammar zujimaida
Japanese ずじまいだ grammar zujimaida

Let’s learn Japanese ずじまいだ grammar zujimaida :

Japanese ずじまいだ grammar zujimaida

JLPT level : N1

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Expresses the menaing “In the end, still could not do something.” Often used to express regret.


1. 彼女が外国に行く前に、旅行に行くと言っていたんが、実は帰国するつもりはないので、一度も会えずじまいだ。
Kanojo ga gaikoku ni iku mae ni, ryokou ni iku to itte i ta n ga, jitsuha kikoku suru tsumori ha nai node, ichi do mo ae zu jimai da.
Before going abroad, she said it was a vacation but in reality she had no intention of coming back home so in the end I couldn’t see her once.

2. フェアでいろいろないい商品を見たが、お金が持たないから結局何も買わずじまいだ。
Fea de iroiro na ii shouhin o mi ta ga, okane ga mota nai kara kekkyoku nani mo kawa zu jimai da.
I saw many good products at the fair, but I did not have any money with me so in the end, I didn’t buy anything.

3. あの成績がいい学生をほめるつもりだが、何も言わずじまいだ。彼を悲しませただろう。
Ano seiseki ga ii gakusei o homeru tsumori da ga, nani mo iwa zu jimai da. Kare o kanashimase ta daro u.
I was going to praise that student for good grades but in the end I didn’t say anything. Maybe I made her sad.

Kono shiai ni sanka shi te, ichi i o toru tsumori da ga, kekkyoku sanka shizu jimai da.
I was going to join this competition to win the first prize but in the end I didn’t.

4. テーブルの上に美味しい食べ物がたくさん並んでいる。でも、何も食べられずじまいだ。
Teburuburu no ue ni oishii tabemono ga takusan naran de iru. Demo, nani mo taberare zu jimai da.
On the table are many tasty foods. But in the end, I couldn’t eat anything.

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