Japanese あまりにも…と あんまりにも…と grammar amarinimo…to anmarinimo…to

Japanese あまりにも…と あんまりにも…と grammar amarinimo…to anmarinimo…toJapanese あまりにも...と あんまりにも...と grammar amarinimo...to anmarinimo...to

Let’s learn Japanese あまりにも…と あんまりにも…と grammar amarinimo…to anmarinimo…to :

Formation :

Meaning and how to use :

Describing the high level of things / events. The following clause is the way of describing the results will inevitably occur because of the cause in the previous incident.


Amarini iisugiru to shikararemasu yo.
Saying too much will be scolded.

Anmari ni mo tsukareru to taoreru baai mo arimasu yo.
If you are too tired, there might be a chance that you fall down.

Amarini monku wo iisugiru to mina ni kirawa remasu yo.
Complaining too much will make you hated by everyone.

Genki ga anmari ni mo yokunakute mo kono shigoto wo hikiukeru to karada ga kowasa remasu yo.
If you are not strong, accepting this job will result in destroying your body.

Amarini netsugaderu to atama ga tsuyoku itamu.
If the fever is too high, the head will hurt.

Above is Japanese あまりに(も)…と/あんまり(にも)…と grammar amarini(mo)…to/ anmari(nimo)…to. If you don’t understand the signs we used in formation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

You can search the structure you want by using the search tool on our website (using key : grammar + ‘structure name’ or you can find more Japanese grammar structures in the following category : Japanese grammar dictionary

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