How to use Japanese particle か

How to use Japanese particle か

How to use Japanese particle か. In Japanese there are many particles used commonly such as を, が ,は , も … These words are used very commonly in ordinary conversation. In this article, Learn Japanese daily will introduce to you the particle か.

How to use Japanese particle か

How to use Japanese particle か :

Used to make question sentences:

Yamadasan ha gakusei desuka
Is Yamada a student?

Kawa-chan wa piano wo hikemasu ka?
Can Kawa-chan play piano?

Used in question but emphasize the contrary meaning:

sonna koto mo dekiruno desuka.
Can you do like that?

sonna hito mo shinjiru koto ga dekimasu ka?
Can you believe a person like this?

Used in the case of making a proposal such as asking for opinions and exploring other people’s attitudes:

koucha demo nomi ni ikimashou ka.
Shall we go for a cup of tea?

kyou ha atsuku arimasen ka.
Isn’t it hot today?

Express annoyance to others

shukudai wo wasurete kite ha janai desuka.
Can’t you forget your homework?

shazai sezu ni machigatta koto o suru no wa warui kotodesu ka?
Is it bad to do the wrong thing without apology?

Used in case of selection:

mada taberu ka douka wakarimasen.
I still do not know whether to eat or not.

Doyoubi ka nichiyoubi ni umi ni iku
On Saturday or Sunday I will go to the beach.

Used in case the reason or thought is uncertain

toshi no tame ka, yoku byouki ni kakarimasu.
Is it because of getting elder, I am often sick.

Ashita wa shigoto wo yasumu ka kimeteinai.
I haven’t decided if I will take off of work tomorrow.

Express one thing is not clear when used in question

nazeka, namida ga afuretekite, shikata ga arimasendeshita.
I didn’t know why tears kept flowing out, I couldn’t do anything.

Use in case of speaking alone

I went out, but the department store is off?

Used as the custom with the meaning “just … then …”

The teacher came in as soon as the bell rang.

Above is the common how to use particle か. See more other particles in category : Japanese particles.

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