Common phrases using the word 顔

Common phrases using the word 顔Common phrases using the word 顔

Common phrases using the word 顔. Hi everyone, In Japanese, or any other language, there are many phrases that use body parts metaphorically to describe other things.

In this article, LearnJapanesedaily would like to share with you some common phrases using the word 顔.

1. 顔が売れる kaoga ureru

To be well known (Able to make money out of one’s face/popularity)

For example:

bokuha tadano mono janai, gakkoudeha kekkou kaoga ureruyo.

→ I’m not ordinary, I’m actually pretty well known.

kanojoha sonoutade kaoga ureruyouni natta.

→ She became popular with that song.

2. 顔が立つ (kaoga tatsu)

Proud (“Upholding” one’s face)

For example:

kimiga rippana shachouni nattanode, kanojomo kaoga tattane.

→ You have become a successful director, she must be so proud?

3. 顔が広い kaoga hiroi

To have a large, diverse circle of acquaintances (To have a large face)

For example:

彼女まで知っているか、あなた 顔が広いね

kanojo made shitteiruka, anata kaoga hiroine.

→ You even get to know her? You must know a lot of people.

4. 顔から火が出る kaokara higa deru

To blush, to feel embarrassed (As if fire coming out from one’s face)

For example:

kanojoto hanasuto, kareha kaokara higa deru.

→ Whenever she talks to him, she always blushes. 

5. 顔に泥を塗る kaoni dorowo nuru

To humiliate, to embarrass (Rubbing mud on one’s face)

For example:

wakaikoro, oyanokaoni dorowo nurukotowo yoku yatta.

→ When I was young, I embarrassed my parents a lot.

6. 顔を売る kao wo uru

To make yourself known to the public (to “sell” one’s face)

For example:

shigotono tame, kareha pa-ti-nadoni yoku dete, kaowo utteiru.

→ Because of the job, he tries to attend as many meetings as possible to make himself known to the public

7. 顔を出す (kaowo dasu)

To show up (To make an appearance)

For example:


konkaino kaigiha shachouga kaowo dasuyo.

→ The director will also show up in this meeting.

8. 顔を立てる kaowo tateru

To maintain one’s status, to save face (to “build” one’s face)

For example:

oyanokaowo tatete, sonokotowo yamete.

→ Please uphold our reputation and stop doing that!

9. 顔を見せる kaowo miseru

To meet up with (Showing one’s face)

For example:

konogoro, isogashii? kaowo misenaina.

→ Have you been busy lately, I don’t get to see you.

10. いい顔をしない iikaowo shinai

To show annoyance blatantly (To make a face)

For example:

kanojoga ieni kuruto, hahaga iikaowo shiteinaida.

→ My mom always shows annoyance towards her everytime she comes to my house.

Above are some of the common phrases using 顔. To learn more about other Japanese vocabulary, check out this section: Japanese vocabulary by theme

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