10 japanese words per day 126

10 japanese words per day 12610 japanese words per day 126 .

10 japanese words per day 126. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests. These words are taken from 1000 common Japanese words.

10 japanese words per day 126

1251. めったに

Reading : めったにmattani
Meaning : rarely, seldom

Example :

boku ha mettani o sake wo nomi masu
I seldom drink alcohol.

1252. 作文

Reading : さくぶんsakubun
Meaning : composition, essay

Example :

sakubun wo kaku no ha nigate desu
I’m bad at writing.

1253. 鳴る

Reading : なるnaru
Meaning : sound, ring

Example :

maiasa mezamashi tokei ga ohkiku naru
Every morning, the clock rings very loudly.

1254. 真面目

Reading : まじめmajime
Meaning : serious and sincere

Example :

majime na hito to tsukiai taku nai
I don’t want to date a serious person.

1255. 申し込む

Reading : もうしこむmoushikomu
Meaning : apply, sign up

Example :

undou taikai ni moushikomi tai
I want to apply for the sport contest.

1256. 冷蔵庫

Reading : れいぞうこreizouko
Meaning : refrigerator

Example :

reizouko ni tabemono ga takusan aru
There are a lot of food in the fridge.

1257. 気に入る

Reading : [きにいるkiniiru
Meaning : like, be pleased with

Example :

chichi ha sono nekutai ga totemo kiniiru desho u
My dad is going to love that cravat.

1258. クリスマス

Reading : クリスマスkurisumasu
Meaning : Christmas

Example :

kurisumasu no purezento wo kangae masu ka
Have you thought of your Christmas present yet?

1259. ネクタイ

Reading : ネクタイnekutai
Meaning : tie, necktie

Example :

sono aoi nekutai ga totemo takai desu yo
That blue tie costs a lot.

1260. 誕生日

Reading : たんじょうびtanjoubi
Meaning : birthday

Example :

watakushi no tanjou nichi ha juugatsu san rei nichi desu
My birthday is 30/10.

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