Learn minna no nihongo lesson 11

Learn minna no nihongo lesson 11

6. Mondai

To do the “Mondai” section, you need “minna no nihongo” book and audios for listening

Exercise 1: Listen and answer questions

With this exercise, you will hear the questions and answer. When listening, stop for 30 seconds to 1 minute in each sentence to write the answer. With the questions that you don’t hear clearly, listen them the second time. After listening 1 or 2 times to answer the question, you can listen again to hear each word clearly and copy it to improve your listening skill and remember words better.

家族は何人ですか。(How many people are there in your family?)


あなたのうちに部屋がいくつありますか。(How many rooms are there in your house?)


(How long does it take to go from your country to Japan by airplane?)
…5時間 かかります。


(How long have you studied Japanese?)


1か月に何回ぐらい映画を見ますか。(How many times a month do you go to see the movies?)

Exercise 2: Listen and select the corresponding picture

For this exercise, before listening, you should look at the pictures to guess the content. When listening, memorize the keywords and compare them with the pictures to choose the best picture.


女:  兄弟がいますか。(Do you have any brothers or sisters?)
男:  ええ、妹が一人います。学生です。(Yes, I have a younger sister. She is a student.)



女:  いらっしゃいませ。(Welcome!)
男:  コーヒーを2つ。それから、アイスクリームを1つお願いします。
(Two cups of coffee, please. And an ice cream, please.)
女:  かしこまりました。 (Certainly.)
Answer: (3)

Exercise 3: Listen and choose true or false

With this exercise, the listeners will listen to the conversation, then there will be a key point about the problem that will be raised in the conversation. The listeners must choose whether the content is true or false according to what they has listened. If it is true, select 〇 (maru) and if it is false, choose ✖ (batsu). In this listening section, you should pay attention to the concluding sentence to see whether that sentence is given in a positive or negative form in order to avoid being “tricked” when listening.

女:  80円の切手を10枚と50円の切手を10枚、ください。
(I would like ten 80 yen stamps and ten 50 yen stamps.)
男:  はい。全部で1,300円です。(Your total comes to 1300 yen.)
女:  はい。(Yes.)
男:  どうもありがとうございました。(Thank you very much!)
女の人は切手を20枚買いました。(The woman bought 20 stamps.)


女:  この手紙、エアメールでお願いします。(Please send this letter by airmail.)
男:  はい。インドですね。190円です。(You want to send this to India, do you? It is 190 yen.)
女:  どのくらいかかりますか。(How long does it take?)
男:  4日ぐらいです。(It takes about 4 days.)
手紙はインドまでエアメールで8日かかります。(It takes 8 days to send the letter to India by airmail.)


男:  どこで日本語を勉強しましたか。(Where did you study Japanese?)
女:  国で日本人の先生に習いました。(I learned from a Japanese teacher in my country.)
男:  毎日勉強しましたか。(Did you study every day?)
女:  いいえ、水曜日と土曜日に勉強しました。(No, I studied on Wednesday and Saturday.)
国で1週間に1回日本語を勉強しました。(The woman studied Japanese in her country once a week.)


Exercise 4: Turn the numbers into words with the counting units in the following sentences

1. 子どもが( 2 →   ) います。

Answer and translation
子どもが( ふたり  ) います。There are two children.

2. 車が( 4 →  ) あります。

Answer and translation
車が( よんだい ) あります。There are 4 cars

3. 切手を( 10 →  ) 買いました。

Answer and translation
切手を( じゅうまい ) 買いました。I bought 10 stamps.

4. りんごを( いつつ  ) ください。

Answer and translation
りんごを( いつつ  ) ください。I would like 5 apples.

Exercise 5: Fill the appropriate question words in the blank

With this exercise, you should pay attention to the answers to see if they are mentioning things, places, numbers, ways or time… to choose the appropriate question word.


いすが (  ) ありますか。
Answer and translation
いすが (  いくつ  ) ありますか。……3つあります。How many chairs are there? There are 3 chairs.


毎日 ( ) 働きますか。
Answer and translation
毎日 (  何時間  ) 働きますか。……8時間働きます。How many hours do you work every day? I work 8 hours.


切符を (  ) 買いますか。
Answer and translation
切符を (  何枚  ) 買いますか。……2枚買います。How many tickets do you buy? I buy 2 tickets.


寮に自転車が (  何台  ) ありますか。
Answer and translation
寮に自転車が (  何台  ) ありますか。……5台あります。How many bicycles are there in the dormitory? There are 5 bicycles.

Exercise 6: Fill the appropriate particles in the blank. If it is not necessary, fill X in the blank

1. 1週間 ( に ) 3回( X )彼女に電話をかけます。
Answer and translation
1週間 ( に ) 3回( X )彼女に電話をかけます。I call my girlfriend 3 times a week.
2. この荷物はアメリカまで船便( ) いくらですか。
Answer and translation
この荷物はアメリカまで船便( で ) いくらですか。How much does it cost to send this package to America by surface mail?

3. 日本( ) 2年( )います。

Answer and translation
日本( に ) 2年( X )います。I have been in Japan for 2 years.

4. りんご( ) 5つ( )ください。

Answer and translation
りんご( を ) 5つ( X )ください。……はい。600円です。I would like 5 apples. It is 600 yen.

Exercise 7: Read and answer the questions


(Mrs. Tanaka has a husband and two children. How many people are there in Tanaka’s family ?)


りんごを15もらいました。4つ食べました。隣のうちの人に6つあげました。今りんごが いくつありますか。
(I got 15 apples. I ate 4 apples. And I gave neighbors 6 apples. How many apples are there now?)
……5つ あります


80円の切手を5枚と、50円の切手を5枚買います。 全部でいくらですか。
(I buy five 80 yen stamps and five 50 yen stamps. How does it cost in total?)


わたしは中国語を3か月習いました。1か月に8回勉強しました。1回は2時間です。全部で 何時間習いましたか。
(I have learned Chinese for 3 months. I have studied 8 times a month. And I have studied 2 hours everytime. How many hours have I learned in total?)

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