Japanese もせずに grammar mosezuni

Japanese もせずに grammar mosezuni
Japanese もせずに grammar mosezuni

Let’s learn Japanese もせずに grammar mosezuni :

Japanese もせずに grammar mosezuni

JLPT level : N3

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Emphasize the meaning: “not do something”.

1. 熱なので、夕食もせずにぐっすり寝た。
Netsu na node, yuushoku mo se zu ni gussuri ne ta.
Because I am sick, I even did not have dinner and just slept..

2. 今日は雨が降るので、友達と遊びもせずに家にいた。
kyou ha ame ga furu node, tomodachi to asobi mo se zu ni ie ni i ta.
Today it is rains so I dont go out with friends and I am just staying at home.

3. 昨日は復習もせずにテストをした。
kinou ha fukushuu mo se zu ni tesuto o shi ta.
I did a test without reviewing yesterday.

4. 松本君はあいさつもせずに帰った。
matsumoto kun ha aisatsu mo se zu ni kaetta.
Mr.Matsumoto got home without greeting.

5. 金子さんは溢した水の掃除もせずに帰った。
kaneko san ha koboshi ta mizu no souji mo se zu ni kaetta.
Kaneko left without cleaning the water he spilled out.

Note :
もせずに:is emphatical use of ずに。Used much in written language.

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Ref : tuhoconline

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