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Japanese まじき grammar majiki
Japanese まじき grammar majiki

Japanese まじき grammar majiki :

JLPT level : N1

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Expresses the meaning “In the position… he/she can’t / shouldn’t…”. Often used to judge, blame or criticize a person for having behaviors that are not to be expected for someone in that person’s position.

unacceptable (behaviour) for a person (at a certain position)


Kimama ni kaisha no koto o kimeru no ha shachou ni aru majiki koui da.
Deciding the company’s matters on his wimp is not a behavior that a president like him should have.

Okane ga naku te hoka no hito no mono o nusumu no ha mitomeru majiki koto da.
Stealing things when you have no money is an unacceptable behavior.

Senpai ya sensei ni waruguchi o suru no ha gakusei ni aru majiki koui da.
Saying bad things about your seniors is an unacceptable behavior for students.

Me ni awa nai hito o naguru nante hito ni aru maji koto da.
Beating another person for his appearance is an unacceptable behavior for human.

Sore ha shushou toshite yuruseru majiki koudou da.
That is an unforgivable behavior for the position of Prime Minister.

+) Often used after nouns indicating jobs or positions.
+) This is a formal way of saying, mostly used in writings.

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