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Japanese ばかりだ grammar bakarida
Japanese ばかりだ grammar bakarida

Let’s learn Japanese ばかりだ grammar bakarida :

JLPT level : N3

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

1. According to speaker’s feeling, an action that have just happened or finished since a short time ago.

Used only with : Vた+ばかりだ

For example

Kono keitai denwa o katta bakari na noni, sugu tsukae naku nari mashi ta.
I have just bought this mobilephone, but it immediately became unusable.

nihongo o benkyou shi ta bakari na toki, nani de mo wakara nai kedo, ato ha sensei ni oshie te morai mashi ta.
when I had just started studying Japanese, I didn’t understand anything, then teacher helped me

ie o de ta bakari na noni, musume ha oogoe de nai te shimatta.
My daughter cried loudly when I just went out

watashi ga kono shigoto ga deki ta bakari na noni, joushi ni ‘ano shiryou o yon de, sugu repōto o kakinasai’ to iware mashi ta.
My boss told me “Read this document and write a report right now!” right after I had just done this work

kare ha gohan o tabe ta bakari de, sugu shukudai o shi masu. Hontouni kinben na ko da.
He has finished his meal, then he sits down doing homework. What a hard working child.

2. Describe an event that takes a turn for the worse.

Used only with : Vる+ばかりだ

For example

kimi no nihongo ha heta ni naru bakari da.
Your Japanese is just becoming worse and worse.

chikyuu kion ha dandan atatakaku naru bakari da.
Earth’s climate is warming.

kaisha no purojekuto no shindo ha osoku naru bakari da.
The project’s progress is going slower .

3. Describe an event or a state which has been finished. We are waiting for another event to happen

For example

teian o kaki mashi ta. Ato ha shachou ga doui shi te kureru bakari da.
I have already made the project plan. I I just need my manager’s signature.

souji shi tari, tabemono o tsukuttari shi ta. Kodomo ga kaeru bakari da.
I have cooked the meal and cleaned the rooms. We can eat when the childen go back.

repōto o teishutsu shi mashi ta. Ato ha shiken o ukeru bakari de, hima ni natta.
I’ve sent the report and will be free after doing the test.

Related structures :

ばかりいる bakariiru
ばかりで bakaride
ばかりだ bakarida
ばかりの bakarino
んばかり nbakari
ばかりに bakarini
ばかりもいられない bakarimoirarenai
とばかりはいえない tobakarihaienai
とばかりおもっていた tobakariomotteita
とばかりに tobakarini
ばかりか bakarika
ばかりでなく…も bakaridenaku…mo
Cách dùng thứ 2: 一方

above is Japanese ばかりだ grammar bakarida. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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