Japanese おかげで grammar okagede

Japanese おかげで grammar okagede
Japanese おかげで grammar okagede

Let’s learn Japanese おかげで grammar okagede :

JLPT level : N3

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Describe reasons, causes that bring a good result. Means “thanks to ~”

For example

Sensei ga oshie ta okage de kono shukudai ga deki mashi ta.
Thanks to the teacher, I have done the excercise

haha no okage de, boku no ryuugaku no yume ga genjitsu ni natta.
Thanks to mommy, my dream has come true.

Ii tenki ga tsuduke ta okage dekouji ga hayaku owatta.
Thanks to the good weather, the contructions site finished early

ii tenki ga tsuduke ta okage de, kouji ga hayaku owatta.
Because I’m leiured these days, I can do my favourite work

saikin hima na okage de, suki na koto ga deki mashi ta.
Thanks to the discount, I can buy the skirt I like

Note: “おかげさまで” is an idiom, means “Thank god!”

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