10 japanese words per day 6

10 japanese words per day 610 japanese words per day 6 .

10 japanese words per day 6. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests.

10 japanese words per day 6

51. 始める

Reading : hajimeru
Meaning : start (something)

Example :

Ima kara juugyou wo hajimemasu.
We will start the lesson from now.

52. 起きる

Reading : okiru
Meaning : get up, get out of bed

Example :

Kyou oosoku okimashita.
I woke up late today.

53. 春

Reading : haru
Meaning : spring

Example :

Harudato, sakura ga saku.
Cherry blossom blooms in spring.

54. 午前

Reading : gozen
Meaning : morning, a.m.

Example :

Gozen 7 ji gakkou ni ikimasu.
I went to school at 7 am.

55. 別

Reading : betsu
Meaning : another, different

Example :

Betsu no koto wo kiitekudasai.
Please ask other thing.

56. どこ

Reading : doko
Meaning : where

Example :

Ima maria chan ha doko desuka.
Where is Maria now?

57. 部屋

Reading : heya
Meaning : room

Example :

Boku no heya ha totemo kirei desu.
My room is very beautiful.

58. 若い

Reading : wakai
Meaning : young

Example :

Wakai toki, iroiro na yume ga aru.
When I was young I dream alot.

59. 車

Reading : kuruma
Meaning : car, automobile

Example :

Toukyou de kuruma ga ooi desune.
In Toukyou, there are a lot of car.

60. 置く

Reading : oku
Meaning : put, place

Example :

Sono mama ni oitemoiidesuka.
Can I leave it as it is?

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