Japanese vocabulary on classroom – Japanese words by theme

Japanese vocabulary on classroom

Japanese vocabulary on classroom. Hi, in this article, Learn Japanese online will continue introduce to you the Japanese vocabulary list by theme : classroomJapanese vocabulary on classroom - Japanese words by theme

Vocabulary on classroom :

1.教室 (きょうしつ):  classroom
2.先生 (せんせい) : teacher
3.カレンダー      : calendar
4.水槽 (すいそう): fish tank
5.セロテープ      :  sellotape
6.魚(さかな):  fish
7.学生・生徒(がくせい・せいと):  student
8.ノート      : notebook
9.スピーカー     : speaker
10.本箱(ほんだな)    :  bookcase
11.屑箱(くずばこ)  :  rubbish bin
12.地図 (ちず)        : map
13.掲示板   ( けいじばん): dashboard
14.敷物 (しきもの): mats
15.黒板 (こくばん):black board
16.算数の問題 (さんすうの もんだい): mathematics
17.定規(じょうぎ): rules
18.チョーク        : chalk
20.はさみ      :  scissors
21.黒板ふき (こくばんふき):black board wipe
22.アルファベット    : alphabets
23.鐘 (かね): ringbell

Above are the list of Japanese vocabulary on classroom.  If there be any words related to time topic which did not appear on this list, please comment below 🙂

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