Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 45

Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 45

Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 45. Hi there! In order to provide you opportunities to search, review and study Japanese online through Minna no nihongo coursebook. In this post, Learn Japanese  online will summarize vocabulary, kanji and grammar of 50 Minna no nihongo lessons.

Summary of Minna no nihongo coursebook lesson 45

Vocabulary :

No. Vocabulary Kanji Meaning
1 あやまります 謝ります apologize
2 あいます 会います meet, have (an accident)
3 しんじます 信じます believe
4 よういます 用意します prepair
5 キャンセルします cancel
6 いまくいきます (work) process well
7 ほしょうしょ 保証書 warranty letter
8 りょうしゅうしょ 領収書 bill
9 おくりもの 贈り物 present, gift
10 まちがいでんわ 間違い電話  call wrong number
11 キャンプ camp
12 かかり 係り staff, curator
13 ちゅうし 中止 cancellation
14 てん point, spot
15 レバー levers
16 さつ classifier of money
17 ちゃんと proper
18 きゅうに 急に urgent, sudden
19 たのしみにしています expect
20 いじょうです that’s all

       2. Kanji

       3. Grammar

Structure Meaning – usage Example
Vる/ V た/ V ない/ Adj/ Nの +
In case ~ 行け(いけ)ない場合(ばあい)は、連絡(れんらく)してください。
In case you can not go, let’s contact me.
In case of being busy, I can not go.
In case of bad healh, you should stop.
V/ Adj/ N な ( normal form) のに、 although ~ but ~ 約束(やくそく)したのに、彼女(かのじょ)は来(こ)ない。
Although she promised, she didn’t come.
Althought this problem is difficult, just try resolving it.
Though today is Sunday, I have to work.

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