Learn minna no nihongo lesson 11

Learn minna no nihongo lesson 11

3. Grammar

Count object

A. unit suffix (quantifier):

+) ~つ : generic counter

1 : ひとつ – 2 : ふたつ – 3 : みっつ – 4 : よっつ – 5 : いつつ – 6 : むっつ – 7 : ななつ – 8 : やっつ – 9 : ここのつ – 10 : とお – How many : いくつ

From 11, we use the same as normal counting

+) 人 : to count number of people

one person : ひとり, 2 people : ふたり, How many people : なんにん.

With the rest, we use: normal counting + に ん

+) 番 (ばん): to count order numbers

+) 枚 (まい ): to count thin objects (stamps, shirts, …)

+) 台 (だい) : to count machine, vehicle

+) 冊 (さつ): to count books, magazines

+) 着 (ちゃく): to count clothes

+) 個 (こ): to count small objects

+) 足(そく): to count shoes, socks

+) 軒 (けん): to count houses

+) 階 (かい、がい): to count floors of a house

+) 本 (ほん、ぼん、ぽん) : to count long, cylindrical objects

+) 杯 (はい、ばい、ぱい) : to count glasses

+) 匹 (ひき、びき、ぴき) : to count small animals

+) 回 (かい) : to count times

B. Usage: put before verb that it modifies.


Gaikokujin no gakusei ga futari imasu.
There are 2 foreign students who study abroad.

Mikan wo yattsu imasu.
I buy 8 tangerines.

Kami ga nimai arrimasu.
There are 2 sheets of paper.

How to ask about the amount of objects: 

– With the objects that is counted by [ひとつ、ふたつ,..], we use the question word [いくつ] to ask.


Mikan wo ikutsu kaiimashitaka?
How many tangerines did you buy?
futatsu kaimashita.
I buy 2 tangerines.

– For numbers  with  unit suffix attached, we use: [な ん] + “unit suffix” to ask

Example :
Kono kaisha ni gaikokujin ga nannin imasuka?
How many foreigners are in this company?

Gonin imasu.
There are 5 foreigners.

Quantifier ( period of time)に~~ 回V

Meaning: how many times of doing something

Usage: express frequency of doing something


Isshuukan ni nikai eiga wo mimasu.
I go to see movies twice a week.

In order to ask the frequency of doing something, we use the question word “なんかい: How many times?”

Quantifier だけ/ Noun だけ

Meaning: only

Usage: is placed after nouns or quantifiers to express the meaning: can not be more


Yasumi wa nichiyoubi dake desu.
Only Sunday is day off.

Watashi wa yasai dake tabemasu.
I only eat vegetables.

Ichi jikan dake kakarimasu.
It only takes an hour.

 4. Kaiwa 

Kore, onegaishimasu

管理人 : いい天気ですね。お出かけですか。
Kanrinin : Ii tenkidesu ne. Odekakedesu ka.

ワン : ええ。ちょっと郵便局まで。
Wan : Ee. Chotto yuubinkyoku made.

管理人 :  そうですか。行っていらっしゃい。
Kanrinin : Soudesuka. Itteirasshai.

ワン : 行ってまいります。

Wan : Itte mairimasu.

ワン :  これ、速達で お願いします。
Wan : Kore, sokutatsu de onegaishimasu.

郵便局員 : はい、オーストラリアですね。370円です。
Yuubinkyokuin : Hai, Oosutorariadesu ne. 370 endesu.

ワン : それからこの荷物もお願いします。
Wan : Sorekara kono nimotsu mo onegaishimasu.

郵便局員 : 船便ですか、航空便ですか。
Yuubinkyokuin : Funabindesu ka, koukubindesu ka.

ワン :  船便はいくらですか。
Wan : Fubin wa ikura desuka?

郵便局員 :  500円です。
Yuubinkyokuin : 500 en desu.

ワン :  どのくらいかかりますか。
Wan : Donogurai kakarimasuka.

郵便局員 :  1か月ぐらいです。
Yuubinkyokuin : Ikkagetsu gurai desu.

ワン :  じゃ、船便でお願いします。
Wan : Ja, fubin de onegaishimasu.


This one, please.

Manager: Nice weather, isn’t it! Are you going out?

Wan: Yeah. I am going to the post office a few moment

Manager: Is that so. Be soon back!

Wan: See you later.


Wan: Please send this one by express delivery

Postal employee:  You want to send this to Australia, do you? It is 370 yen.

Wan: Then, please send this package too.

Postal employee: Would you like to send this by surface mail or  air mail?

Wan: How much does surface mail cost?

Postal employee: It costs 500 yen.

Wan: How long does it take?

Postal employeen: It is about one month.

Wan: Well, please send this by surface mail.

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