Japanese だろうが grammar darouga

Japanese だろうが grammar darouga
Japanese だろうが grammar darouga

Let’s learn Japanese だろうが grammar darouga:

Japanese だろうが grammar darouga

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Describe the meaning “No matter it is…or…, it still…”. This structure is used to subsume 2 thing into 1.

For example

1. 日本では春だろうが、秋だろうが、北極はいつも冬だよ。
Nippon de ha haru daro u ga, aki daro u ga, hokkyoku ha itsumo fuyu da yo.
No matter what weather it is in Japan, it’s always winter in the North.

2. 高いものだろうが、安いものだろうが、故障したと駄作になる。
takai mono daro u ga, yasui mono daro u ga, koshou shi ta to dasaku ni naru.
No matter how expensive or cheap something is, if it’s broken, it’s useless.

3. あなたが何をしようが、何を言おうが、彼は感心しないよ。
anata ga nani o shiyo u ga, nani o io u ga, kare ha kanshin shi nai yo.
You won’t care regardless of what you do or say.

4. さっき君が言った映画は面白かろうがつまらなかろうが見ませんよ。
sakki kun ga itta eiga ha omoshirokaro u ga tsumaranakaro u ga mi mase n yo.
I won’t watch the movie that you have said, even if it’s nice or bad.

5. 子供だろうが大人だろうが、悪い行動をすると認められません。
kodomo daro u ga otona daro u ga, warui koudou o suru to mitomerare mase n.
No matter who you are, kid or adult, it’s unacceptable if you do wrong thing.

Note: When combining the verbs, the tense will be turned into “Vようが”. (example 3)
When combining with adjectives, the tense will be turned into “Aかろうが” (example 4)

Related structures :

だろうに darouni
だろうか darouka
~だろうが、~だろうが ~darouga, ~darouga
のだろう nodarou

Ref : tuhoconline

above is Japanese ~だろうが grammar ~darouga. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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