Japanese 時 とき grammar toki

Japanese 時 とき grammar toki
Japanese 時 とき grammar toki

Let’s learn Japanese 時 とき grammar toki

Japanese 時 とき grammar toki

JLPT level : N5

Formation :

Vた+とき :

Japanese 時 とき grammar toki

Meaning and how to use :

1. Describe 2 things happening at once.

For example

Chisai tokishibuya ken ni oya to sun de ta.
When I was small, I lived with my parents in Shibuya province.

Ani ga sai no tokijiko ga attefujiyu na hito ni natta.
When he was 6, he was in an accident and became disable.

Japanese 時 とき grammar toki

2.Describe a state, an event that was formed at the same time with another. It means when the event beforeとき is happening, the event afterとき happens. If wwe use this structure, the verb in first clause is in in infinitive form.
Only use with: た form+とき

For example

Nippon ni ryuugaku shi ta toki, kana ko chanto tomodachi ni natta.
When I studied abroad in Japan, I became a friend of Kanako.

chuugakusei datta toki, iroiro na hon o yon da. Ima 1 satsu demo yomi taku nai.
When I was a high school student I used to read a lot of books. Now, I don’t want to read even one.

3. Describe the meaning “before/ while an event is happening, another happens”.
Only used with: Vる+とき

For example

dekakeru toki, kōto o ki masu.
I had worn a coat before i went out

kyouto ni kuru to yamada san no ie ni houmon shi masu.
While I was on the road to Kyouto, I dropped in on Yamada’s house.

Japanese 時 とき grammar toki

4. Describe an action that is done at first, then another is done too.
Only used with: Vた+とき

For example

densha o ori ta toki wasuremono o shi ta koto ni ki o tsukeru.
After I had got off the tram, I realized that I forgot something.

gohan o tabeowatta toki ‘gochisousama’ to ii masu.
Say “Gochisousama” after having meal.

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above is Japanese 時 とき grammar toki. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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