Japanese 折から おりから grammar orikara

Japanese 折から おりから grammar orikara
Japanese 折から おりから grammar orikara

Let’s learn Japanese 折から おりから grammar orikara :

JLPT level : N1

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

1. Expresses the meaning “at.., when the weather is..”. The latter clause indicates the weather being unfavored to inform the reader. Often used in letters.
How to use:


Samu sa ga hageshiku naru ori kara, kenkou ni oki o tsuke ni natte, genki de osugoshi te kudasai.
Since the cold is becoming more severe, please take care of your health and be well.

Atsukurushii ori kara, byouki ni kakara nai you ni karada ni ha oki o tsukekudasai.
Since the weather is getting so hot, please take care of yourself not to get sick.

Uetto na kuuki ga tsuduku ori kara, kenkou ni ha oki o tsukekudasai.
Since the weather is getting more humid, please take care of your health.

2. Expresses the meaning “just when..”. Often used with words indicating weather or current social situation like current economy status. This structure is mostly used in written form.
How to use: 折からのN


Ori kara no fukyou de, tsuma ha kubi ni natta node, dekirudake katei no seikatsu hi ha setsuyaku shi nakya nara nai.
Just when the recession is going on, my wife was fired so we have to limit our living expenses as little as possible.

Shitsugyou shi ta hito ga fue te, ori kara no keizai kyoufu de, gashi shi ta hito mo takusan aru desho u.
The number of people who have gone unemployed has increased, there are many people who starved to death due to economic recession.

Ori kara no taifuu, shokuryou ga tari naku te, totemo komatte sugoshi mashi ta.
I didn’t have enough food just when the storm was on so I had to live with a lot of trouble.

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above is Japanese 折から おりから grammar orikara. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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