Japanese 嫌いがある きらいがある grammar kiraigaaru

Japanese 嫌いがある きらいがある grammar kiraigaaru
Japanese 嫌いがある きらいがある grammar kiraigaaru

Japanese 嫌いがある きらいがある grammar kiraigaaru :

JLPT level : N1

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Expresses the meaning “has the tendency ~/ easy to become..” Often used with negative meanings.


Ano hito no hanashi ga omoshiroi desu ga, hito ni waruguchi o suru kirai ga aru.
That person’s story is good but has the tendency to talk bad things about other people

Kono you na kaigi ga nobasu kirai ga aru.
These meetings like this has the tendency to prolong.

Kanojo ha jibun de nani mo kangae zu ni shitsumon bakari kiku kirai ga aru.
She has the tendency to ask questions instead of thinking herself.

Ano sakka no bunshou ha imi ga aru ga, ta no kankei nai koto ni zureru kirai ga aru.
That author’s works have meanings, but are often distracted to unrelated things.

Kono gakusei ga jishuu suru nouryoku ga takai ga, hitsuyou ga nai koto mo zenbu narau kirai ga aru.
This student has good self-learning attitude but has the tendency to learn unnecessary things.

Note: Mostly used in writings.

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