Japanese上 じょう grammar jou

Japanese上 じょう grammar jou
Japanese上 じょう grammar  jou

Let’s learn Japanese上 じょう grammar jou :

JLPT level : N2

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Expresses the meaning “In term of/regarding to/in that aspect


Kono bangumi ha kyouiku jou de ha yoku nai desu. Kodomo ni yoku misase te ha ike nai.
This program isn’t good in term of education. Children should not be watching this regularly.

Kenkou jou de ha kono ryouri o tabe nai hou ga ii desu.
In term of healthy food, you shouldn’t eat this dish.

Boku tachi ha kekkon shi mase n ga, houritsu jou de ha fuufu desu.
We’re not married yet but legally, we’re husband and wife.

Anzen jou de ha kono setsubi o secchi shi ta hou ga ii toiu adobaisu ga ari masu.
Concerning safety aspect, it’s suggested to install this facility.

Chikyuu ondan ka ha shakai jou de ha shinkoku na mondai desu.
Global warming is, socially speaking, an important issue.

Note: This is a polite, formal way of saying.

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