Japanese まま grammar mama

Japanese まま grammar mama
Japanese まま grammar mama

Let’s learn Japanese まま grammar mama :

JLPT level : N3

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

1.Describe unchange events.

For example

ドアを開けたまま でかけたが泥棒は入っていなかった。
Doa o ake ta mama dekake ta ga dorobou ha haitte i nakatta.
I let the door be opened, but there was no thief broke into my house.

昨日 ノートを開いたままで寝てしまった。
kinou nōto o hirai ta mama de ne te shimatta.
Yesterday , I slept while the notebook was being opened.

hadashi no mama de soto ni dekake ta.
I went out with bare foot.

ikura nen o tottemo watashi no sobo ha kirei na mama da.
No matter how old you get, you;re still beautiful.

asa kara nani mo tabete nai mama desu node, onaka ga sui te iru.
I haven’t eaten anything since the morning, so I’m hungry.

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