Japanese べくして grammar bekushite

Japanese べくして grammar bekushite
Japanese べくして grammar bekushite

Let’s learn Japanese べくして grammar bekushite :

JLPT level : N1

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Expresse the meaning “The thing mentioned was going to happen is now in fact, happened.”. Often translated as “No wonder that../ No surprise that..”.


Taberu koto ya neru koto o nuki, itsumo shigoto o shi te, kanojo ha byouki ni kakaru beku shi te kakatta no da.
Skippingg eating and sleeping, working all the time no wonder she fell sick.

Kinou no jiko ha okoru beku shi te okotta jiko da.
The accident yesterday is an accident that was going to happen anyway.

Ano ko ha nani mo benkyou se zu ni, asobi bakari shi te iru n kara, daigaku shiken ni ochiru beku shi te ochi ta.
That kid doesn’t bother studying and play all the time, that’s why he failed the university exam (as expected)

Kimi ha konnani takai tokoro ni oi te i ta kara, ano pasokon ga ochi te koshou suru beku shi te koshou shi ta.
If you place it at an high place like that, there’s no surprise that the calculator dropped down and broke.

Chichi ga sonnani sake o takusan nomu kara, yopparatte, kudaranai koto o iu beku shi te itta no da.
There’s no surprise that my father is talking nonsense because he drank a lot of wine.

Note: Mostly used in literature.

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