Japanese ばいいのに grammar baiinoni

Japanese ばいいのに grammar baiinoni
Japanese ばいいのに grammar baiinoni

Let’s learn Japanese ばいいのに grammar baiinoni :

JLPT level : N3

Formation :

V/ N/ Aな ば form+いいのに

Meaning and how to use :

Describe expectation that is opposite to what happens in reality. Usually goes with regretful emotion.

For example

Genki no toki, karada o kitaeagere ba ii noni. Ima wa genki ga nai node, itsumo nyūin shi te, tsukareru kanji o suru.
How good it would have been if I had done excercise hard when I was young. Now I’m weak, so I have to stay much in hospital and feel so tired.

wakai koro okane o tamere ba ii noni. Ima wa ryokō sare masu kara.
It would be far better if I had been economic when I was young. Because now I could travel alot.

isshokenmei benkyō sure ba ii noni. Ima wa gakushiki ga nai node shitsugyō shi te, seikatsu ga totemo kurō desu.
It would have been far better if I had tried to study. Because I have no knowledge, so now I’m unemployed and live miserably.

tenki ga atatakakere ba ii noni.
It would be good if the weather is better.

oya no shigoto o tetsudae ba ii noni. Oya ga sonnani taihen ja nai kara ne.
How good it would be if I helped my parents. I parents wouldn’t have lived in a laborious life.

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