Japanese のなんの grammar nonannno

Japanese のなんの grammar nonannno
Japanese のなんの grammar  nonannno

Japanese のなんの grammar nonannno :

JLPT level : N1

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

like… ….

Expresses the meaning “Speaking loudly, annoyingly.” Used when complaining about something you don’t like. Often translated as “made excuse/whine..”


Kare ha watashi ga deki nai no nanno to itta bakari desu yo.
He only said that i can’t do that.

Kyuuyou ga aru no nan no to riyuu o itte, kaigi o kesseki shi mashi ta.
He always make excuses like having things to do so that he can be absence at the meeting.

Suki de ha nai no nanno to itte, watashi tachi no shoutai o kotowatta.
He always whine that he doesn’t like it to refuse our invitation.

Kanojo ha boku no yarikata ha muzukashii no nanno to itte, saigo, yara nai ni kime mashi ta.
He always whine that my way of doing is too hard so she decided not to do it.

Musuko ha soto ha samui no nan no to riyuu o itte, ie ni dekakeru you to shi nai.
My son made the excuse that it’s too cold outside to not go out of the house.

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