Japanese のだろう grammar nodarou

Japanese のだろう grammar nodarou
Japanese のだろう grammar nodarou

Let’s learn Japanese のだろう grammar nodarou :

Japanese のだろう grammar nodarou

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

1. Describe the judgement or speculation of the speaker that relates to what is mentioned (for example reason, cause) with falling tone at the end of the sentence.
Only used with:

For example

Kanojo ga kaze o hii ta. Saikin fuu ga dandan tsuyoku fui te iru no daro u.
She got cold. It must have been because of the windy weather these days.

doko demo kangei sare te iru kara, ano haiyuu ha yuushuu na haiyuu no daro u.
That actor might be excellent because he’s greeted everywhere he goes.

2. Describe the confirmation based on what was said earlier. This speaking is used mostly by men with rising tone at the end.

For example
raishuu kikoku suru no daro u.
You will come back home next week, won’t you.

A :「[?] shiken ga kansei shi ta node ima hima no daro u ne?’
B :「[?] uun. Kon kekka ni shinpai shiteru node hima no toki nai yo’
A: “You must be free now after doing the test…”
B: “Nope. I’m worrying about the resut, so I’m not free”.

3. ~のだろうか:Express worried feeling, suspicion of the speaker. It’s used to speulate based on the information the speaker gathering.

For example

ryuugaku shi te iru musuko ga kon anzen no daro u ka.
I wonder if my son studying abroad is safe.

kaoiro ga warui ne. Byouki no daro u ka .
Your countenance looks bad. You must be sick.

Note: In verbal communication, “のだろう” is turned into “んだろう”

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above is Japanese のだろう grammar nodarou. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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