Japanese に~回 grammar ni~kai

Japanese に~回 grammar ni~kai
Japanese に~回 grammar ni~kai

Let’s learn Japanese に~回 grammar ni~kai :

JLPT level : N5

Formation :

time + に+ number of time (回)

Meaning and how to use :

Describe times or frequency of something in a particular amount of time.

Examples :

Kanojo to dēto suru no ha ichigatsu ni ni kai desu.
I date with her 2 times per month.

tekido ni gohan o tabe te kudasai. Mainichi san kai desu.
Be abstinent with 3 meals per day.

kyouren kyoushi ha hantoshi ni ichi kai desu.
We do the residency every 6 months.

isshuu ni san kai juku ni itte iru n da.
I go to the extra class 3 times per week.

sekai undou taikai ha ni nen ni ichi kai okonaware masu.
The Olympic is held regularly each 3 years.

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