Japanese に耐える にたえる grammar nitaeru

Japanese に耐える にたえる grammar nitaeru
Japanese に耐える にたえる grammar nitaeru

Japanese に耐える にたえる grammar nitaeru :

JLPT level : N1

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

1. Expresses the meaning “stand someone/something/trying to bear with..”. When wanting to express the meaning “Can’t stand/bear with..”, use 「たえられない」.
How to use: Nにたえる


Boku ha joushi no seikaku ni tae te, jitto jibun no shigoto o hatashi mashi ta.
I bear with my boss’s attitude and quietly finished my works.

Ano doubutsu ha fuyu no samu sa ni taerare naku te, shin de shimatta.
That animal could not bear the coldness of winter and died.

Haha ha warui nyūsu ni taerare naku te, taore te shimatta.
My mom couldn’t stand the bad news so she collapsed.

2. Expresses the meaning “worthy to do … / have adequate conditions to do …”. If you want to be negative, you must use 「た え な い, do not use「 た え ら れ な い 」.
How to use:


Ureru ni taeru shashin o toru tame ni iroiro na utsukushii fuukei ga aru basho ni iki mashi ta.
I went to many places that have nice landscape to take pictures worth selling.

Yomu ni taeru hon o kaki tai ama na sakka ga takusan i masu
There are a lot of amateur writers who want to write books worth reading.

Kore ha ii hyouban ga moraeru ni tae nai sakuhin da.
That work doesn’t worth receiving good commendations.

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