Japanese と見られる とみられる grammar tomirareru

Japanese と見られる とみられる grammar tomirareru
Japanese と見られる とみられる grammar  tomirareru

Japanese と見られる とみられる grammar tomirareru :

JLPT level : N1

Formation :

Aい/V thể rút gọn+と見られる

Meaning and how to use :

Expresses the meaning “is said that/is conceived that..”. Used when you want to express your feelings about an event, the state of something with a visual basis.


Sore ha koi de hito o shibou saseru jiken to mirareru.
t is said to be an intentional murder.

Ano hito ha sakura dou ni jiko ni atte shibou shi ta to mirareru.
That person was said to have got into an accident on Sakura street and died.

Kono shouhin ha kizumono to mirareru. Ima ha kaishuu sare te iru sou da.
That product is conceived as an error. There are rumors that they are being recalled.

Ano ayashii otoko ha maria kashu no kareshi to mirareru.
That stranger looking man is said to be ex-boyfriend of the singer Maria.

Kono tatemono ha seikaku na tate rareru toshi ga ima made dare demo wakari mase n ga, meiji jidai ni tate rareru to mirareru.
There’s still no one that knows exactly that building being built and it was said to be around the Meiji era.

Note: This structure is mostly used in written texts such as essays, newspapers, reports, etc.

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