Japanese てから grammar tekara

Japanese てから grammar tekara
Japanese てから grammar tekara

Let’s learn Japanese てから grammar tekara :

Japanese てから grammar tekara

JLPT level : N5

Formation :


Meaning and how to use :

Describe an action that’s done after another one chologically. The form is “Xてから Y”, X the action done first, after doing X, do Y.

1. 晩ご飯を食べてから、シャーワーを浴びます。
Ban gohan o tabe te kara, shāwā o abi masu.
After I had had meal, I took a bath.

2. 勉強してから、遊びに行きます。
benkyou shi te kara, asobi ni iki masu.
After I had finished studying, I went out.

3. 日曜日、私は起きてから、朝ご飯を食べます。
nichiyoubi, watashi ha oki te kara, asa gohan o tabe masu.
Sunday, I had breakfast after waking up.

4. 帰国してから、知り合いの家に訪問します。
kikoku shi te kara, shiriai no ie ni houmon shi masu.
After arriving home country, I dropped in on my relatives.

toire o tsukatte kara, te o arawa nakere ba nara nai.
Clean your hand after toileting .

Related structures :

てからでないと tekaradenaito, tekara denaito
てからでなければ tekaradenakereba, tekara denakereba
てからというもの(は )tekaratoiumono (ha), tekara toiumono (ha)

Ref : tuhoconline

above is Japanese てから grammar tekara. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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