Japanese つい grammar tsui

Japanese つい grammar tsui
Japanese つい grammar tsui

Let’s learn Japanese つい grammar tsui :

JLPT level : N3

Formation :

because ”つい” is adverb, it can be put in different position

Meaning and how to use :

carelessly; by mistake; by accident. We did thing that we mustn’t do or tried to not do (and now regret)

For example

Boku ha chokin shi te iru ga, konnani subarashii kamera o miru to, tsui katte shi mashi ta.
I was saving money, but i saw such a wonderful camera, and I bought it.

kono kēki ha imouto no desu ga, oishi sou na node, tsui tabe te shimatta.
This cake is of my sister, but I ate it because it is looks so delicous.

sensei to kenka shi nai to yakusoku shi ta n ga, tsui ano ko o nagutte shimatta.
I promissed my teacher not struggle, but I hit that child.

ano bangumi ha bakabakashii desu ga, omoshiroi node, tsui mi te shimatta.
This programme is so absurd, but I watched it because it’s interesting

honya no kisoku ha honya no naka de hon o yon de ha ike nai desu ga, watashi ha okane ga tari nai node, tsui yon de shimatta.
Rules of the book shop say that we musn’t read books inside, but because i dont have enough money so I read them.

Note : ”つい” usually used with ”してしまう”

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