Japanese ぜんぜん…ない grammar zenzen…nai

Japanese ぜんぜん…ない grammar zenzen…nai
Japanese ぜんぜん…ない grammar zenzen…nai

Let’s learn Japanese ぜんぜん…ない grammar zenzen…nai :

JLPT level : N5

Formation :

ぜんぜん  V ない

Meaning and how to use :

Describe “completely…not”. To emphasize the total negative meaning, it’s used in written language

For example

Eigo ga zenzen hanase nai.
I absolutely cannot speak English.

kēki o tsukuru nante zenzen deki nai.
Completely unable to make cake.

arubaito no keiken ga zenzen nai.
I don’t have any part time job experience.

kono machi ha uwasa no you ni zenzen nigiyaka de ha nai.
This city isn’t noisy at all as the rumor.

watashi ha nipponjin desu ga, kanji ga zenzen kake mase n.
Though I’m a Japanese, I completely can not write Kanji.

Note: In some recent texts, negative words are not used. We say “全然ない”

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