Japanese かねる grammar kaneru

Japanese かねる grammar kaneru
Japanese かねる grammar kaneru

Let’s learn Japanese かねる grammar kaneru :

JLPT level : N2

Formation :

Vます(remove ます)+かねる

Meaning and how to use :

Express the meaning “An event that has little chance/ is im possible to be done despite much efort/ unable to”.

For example

Haha ni chichi ga nakunatta jijitsu o iikane te, boku ha zutto damatte nani mo nai furi o shi te iru.
I can’t let my mom know that my dad died, so I keep silent as if nothing happened.

kono teian ha seikou shikaneru.
This project can hardly successfull.

seito no warui koudou o mushi shikane te, karera o shikari mashi ta.
I couldn’t ignore my students’ bad work, so I scolded them.

ashita ha shiken na node, ima ha nemuku te tamaranaku te mo nekaneru.
I have an examination tomorrow, I can’t sleep though I really want to.

kinou ha shimekiri datta node kyou ha tetsuduki o ukekaneru.
Yesterday was deadline, so we don’t accept more cv.

+)Modern form, mostly used in writings.
+)This structure applies to some idiols, for example :「決めるに決めかねる (I can’t even if I want to decide), 「見るに見かねて」 (Looking to see)

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above is Japanese かねる grammar kaneru. if you don’t understand the signs we used in fomation, you can find their meaning here : signs used in Japanese grammar structures.

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